Anaconda Courthouse Damage May Be Vandalism

Vandalism suspected

Flooding in the the third floor men’s restroom at the Anaconda courthouse caused around $20,000 in damage last week. Vandalism is suspected and now the County is considering adding new security cameras and sensor faucets to prevent it happening again.

The building maintenance superintendent said paper towels were stuffed down the drains of two sinks and water was left running around 5 p.m., as the courthouse was closing last Friday. As the building was not occupied, the vandalism wasn’t discovered until Sunday afternoon, and by then, seepage through the floor caused damage in the treasurer’s office on the second floor and in the deputy county attorney’s office on the first floor.

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All of the carpet in the treasurer’s office had to be removed.

Deputy County Attorney Ellen Donohue discovered the water noon on Sunday, entering the office to catch up on work.