Creating a Legacy With Fay Ranches




 by Carmen Schwartz

It is not a surprise when a great Western property comes onto the market and the Fay Ranches name is attached to it. Within this industry, Fay has become the most solid company, with a reputation for not only selling the right land to the right owner, but also caring just as much about the investment as the buyer does.


Cattle ranching, the re-building of habitats, even the recreational enjoyment that the owner and public get out of the land, are all a part of creating a family legacy. When buyer meets seller, Fay Ranches balances the smallest factor to the largest potential of the land, making sure that the owner comes away with both a solid investment and ultimate pride.


WY_Longview_lgWhen scenery is the focus, Wyoming is most definitely one of the most lucrative investments a person can make. This is truly the well-known oasis where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains, offering the owner a feeling of absolute freedom.


With the diverse climate and huge abundance of lakes and streams, ranching in Wyoming has remained extremely popular. This popularity can be traced back to the passage of the Homestead Act in 1862, which was actually the catalyst that led small ranchers to the state in droves. This is also the reason why property in Wyoming is the central core of a family’s legacy, passing it down from generation to generation for all time.


This is a factor that’s included in Fay Ranches look at the overall ranch value. Fay’s experienced staff of veterans know that being a broker is not only about the sale, it is about the actual value of the land that the owner can receive. Whether that value comes from ranching, family, environmental/conservation projects, or sporting and recreation, Fay’s brokers understand the wealth of benefit’s the land provides.


Every client has a goal; every client is unique when it comes to finding and purchasing a ranch for their own specific needs. Fay Ranches not only assists owners in discovering that land, but they also form a support ‘team’ of sorts, helping owners to manage ownership costs and income without losing site of their original goals.


Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon – these are the ‘wide open spaces.’ Some buyers will be looking for that ultimate investment, while others are looking to go one step further by beginning their own family legacy, setting themselves within the historical core of families that started out more than a hundred-and fifty-years ago.


The list is long with Fay Ranches – a varied list of scenic beauty and solid land investments that cover everything from the actual land, to hunting and fishing properties, to farming.


For an example, just recently the Medicine Bow River Ranch near Laramie, Wyoming, was sold by  Fay Ranches, who made the buyer a truly proud new owner. This is one of those breathtaking pieces of property that spans over seventy-seven-thousand acres, supporting 6,000 head of cattle and 300 rodeo horses from May to October; not to mention, producing 1,500 tons of hay on an annual basis.


If you have an image in your mind regarding the wide open spaces not being touched since 1862, you would be wrong. With this particular sale, the owner received two custom-built log homes (12,000 sq. feet of luxury living space), and a headquarters area made up of a ranch house, modular home, trailer house, four barns, and working corrals. Add into that 27-miles of private trout streams that wind through the property, and the owner’s fishing potential also increased ten-fold.


This is not only land value, it’s eternal value. A quality working ranch that’s also the ‘genuine article’ when it comes to western ranches, the owner received excellent livestock capacity, water resources and huge energy development potential. The hunting, fishing and other recreational issues also add to the overall value and brings in only more positives when it comes to the owner’s investment portfolio.


When looking for a ranch, size and location are what truly can make the property unique. But to have the complete package makes the property not only unique, but brings in revenue streams along with the fully-stocked trout ponds, mule deer and elk hunting, and never-ending supply of natural resources.


To begin a legacy, you need a true ‘gem.’ And with Fay Ranches understanding every aspect of the industry, all new owners come away with a solid, profitable investment, and a source to create their own legacy that will stand the test of time.


Source: Baret News Wire