For the Love of Babe Ruth Just Play Ball!




A-Rod is an anomaly in Major League Baseball. Actually, he may be an anomaly in any sport. On one hand he’s loved and looked up to by many; while on the other hand, he’s a real pain in the butt.


baseballThe fans have certainly made their decision – they love A-Rod. And it was never more apparent than on Saturday night when he appeared (a lot like Clinton walking down the tunnel at the Democratic National Convention when supporting Gore), on the field after the rest of his team had taken their warm-up places.


Let’s just say that basically everyone in the stadium stood up and cheered (again, a lot like they did for Clinton so many years ago.) Yes, there were boos throughout the crowd, but they were quickly drowned out by the apparent support for the Yankees – and whether you believe this word or not, it’s true – STAR player.


A-Rod didn’t exactly give a poor performance on Saturday night, but it wasn’t star quality either. When all was said and done, however, his fans seemed to still support him.


Being absolutely positive after the game, A-Rod stated to reporters that he felt great and was, “ready to go.”


He avoided all questions regarding rumors and negative gossip, choosing to only talk about the game and his happiness to get back to work. It felt like he had made a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree turnaround, considering the night before he was speaking about how he felt there was a conspiracy against him.


A-Rod was (or he seemed) to be very excited that he would see his teammates again, and would soon be taken off the disabled list that he has been stuck on all season.


As of noon, EST today, an announcement will be made of whether or not A-Rod is suspended. But even if he is, chances are he will be allowed to play through his appeal which may just, shockingly, take the rest of the season. As of now, A-Rod’s statement that his plans were a go and he would be with the Yankees on that diamond when they play the White Sox in a three-game series that starts tonight…are still a go.


Most fans of baseball – whether they are fans of A-Rod or not – want this little war between he and the MLB to cease and desist. Settlement needs to be attained in the honor of baseball and all the sport stands for.


Of course, A-rod perhaps kept quiet on Saturday because he’s already spouted off way to much about the MLB comments that they were planning to suspend him for at least the rest of 2013 and all of 2014.


Talking about transgressions in sports is a lot like talking about Martha Stewart planning the perfect party – happens all the time. Even the NFL is dealing with their own murder and mayhem (literally). So, the point remains whether or not Rodriguez should be made an example of; or should the matter be put out to pasture, allowing A-Rod to get back on the field and allowing baseball fans to continue on without aggression to enjoy a great season.


Yes, Rodriguez admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs. Yes, he was never disciplined for it under baseball’s Joint Drug Agreement. But as this battle goes on, the thought of hangings in the public square being brought back into the justice system, seem to come to mind.


Will the MLB make him the poster child for what NOT to do to mar THE American pastime? Or will they take another step forward, trip on their own words and lack of evidence and make A-Rod the latest Joan of Arc?


There is a settlement here, guys and gals, and it’s an easy settlement to come to. MLB stops with the Washington DC-ish, election year mud-slinging, and A-Rod keeps his mouth shut about people conspiring against him. (Come on, Alex! You did NOT crash-land in Roswell in 1947, which is really the only conspiracy still being kept alive).


For the love of the fans; for the love of the game; and for the love of all the stars of baseball past – JUST play ball!


Until Next Time, Everybody,



Source: BeFirst Media Group / Baret News Wire