In Social Media You Need to be Seen AND Heard


by Jimmy Ruffler

“Be seen not heard”: This is the expression grandma used to use so you would still be there to be watched over, but not have to be listened to when you wanted to whine about the fact that your sibling just fed the last piece of apple pie to the cat, and you got none. This adage is actually based on the fact that after a while, with a great many voices shouting at once, noise pollution can occur. And the one voice that needs to be heard (in this scenario, it’s probably the cat who is now sick from the apple pie), gets lost in the shuffle.


Social media is exactly the same way. Everyone is shouting out there. Everyone in your industry is ‘barking’ loud and clear, trying to Social Media-Befirst-brand monitoring-grab customers with high-class advertisements, events, pertinent social content, etcetera. And all of that is required when making a business succeed. But what many do not talk about is the fact that all those voices do cause the Facebook or Twitter user a great deal of aggravation at times. It is the age of information, but we’re being bombarded with it everywhere we turn.


So how can one company get their message out loud and clear so that it doesn’t get bogged down in the crowd that’s all shouting the exact same thing?


A social media/PR team will always use the words ‘be unique’ to answer this question; if they are a good social media/PR team that wants to make sure your company’s social media campaign is hugely successful. Unique means being yourself. If you notice the advertisements and content on most websites, you’ll see that it’s all the same. A website always offers the brand, the product information, news on the industry, and a short synopsis of how their company came to be.


But the reason books are still around (and soaring in 2013 with eBooks), is because of the compelling and unique story an author has told. A company’s social media campaign must do the same – offer the consumer a very compelling story. That content, that story, must always sound like the person telling it is speaking straight to customer. Consumers will feel a relationship begin to form with the company and they become permanent customers.


A social media/PR team will also talk to you about the visual world. Whereas the publishing industry can soar with books, the social media sites need Technicolor visuals. It’s important for a social media campaign to not just rely on content – big, black letters that say a great deal but can get boring if not written well. Any article or press release that contains multimedia – whether that be pictures, videos, or other forms, will make the potential customer stop in their tracks and study your website for a much longer amount of time.


Another important thing to note is the fact that, as with books, a reader or viewer will skip text. If they don’t like what they’re reading (whether it be too over their heads or simply too boring to sit and digest), they will simply scan the article and be on their way. Headlines need to be unique, the content needs to be catchy, and humorous is still in, guys and gals, so utilizing that particular talent is also a good thing. I know, there are many companies out there in legal, medical, or professional fields that don’t allow funny. However, the customer wants to be caught by your company, so find a way with innovative headings or humor to do just that.


Gaining popularity in social media is necessary for a company to build their brand. And even if the Facebook ‘Likes’ and Twitter ‘Followers’ are rising in number, your company must still find a way to make a profit. Therefore, engage, entice and never be boring!


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Source: Baret News Wire