Strolling To Downtown Tonight in Anaconda

Anaconda will be hopping this evening.

The Annual Christmas Stroll begins with the annual tree lighting ceremony. At 6pm on the Kennedy Common, Santa will light the tree.

There will also be a drawing for Anaconda Bucks, followed by a stroll downtown, with Santa leading the parade to the visitors center in downtown. Once there, you can find special sales and dressed-up mannequins in store windows.

Look for some great food vendors, and carolers – you can even join in.

Note that Megamind is showing at the Washoe Theatre at 305 Main Street. For tickets and show times, call 563-6161. It will be available from today, November 26 until December 2.

Ok, I know this isn’t Anaconda, but I wasn’t in Anaconda last year, I was in Folsom – so check out this tree lighting instead.