While Chasing the Red, White & Blue You Can Chase Aliens Too!


While Chasing the Red, White & Blue You Can Chase Aliens Too!

by Amy Lignor


There are moments in history that made various locations memorable, for one reason or another. And in a small town, in the blistering heat of New Mexico, one incident – THE incident, if you will – occurred in 1947 and changed that small town into a
July 1947, Roswell, New Mexico, UFO Festival, Don Burleson, Larry Holcombe, Stanton Friedman, cover-up, the place to bestrange little mecca. This incident still brings thousands of visitors every year to “see” if friends of the ones who crashed there in 1947, will somehow pick the July 4th weekend to come back and claim their missing…relatives?

Yes, it was night. Out in the desert, it’s more than dark. Yet one evening in July, 1947, a part of the sky lit up like a heavenly beam was cast upon the Earth for a split second. Then…the mystery began. An object no one could ever quite put their finger on crash landed on a ranch located thirty miles north of tiny Roswell, New Mexico.


The Roswell Army Air Field (RAAF) issued a statement (without thinking…or had they planned it all along?) claiming to have recovered a “flying disk.” An article ran on the front page of the Roswell Daily Record, and the very next day, RAAF reversed its statement. They said no “flying disk” had crashed, it was nothing more than a weather balloon, they said. Therefore…move along, folks. Nothin to see here.


Well, as we all know, that revised statement made another bright light appear in a great many peoples’ imaginations. There was somethin to see there, they thought, believing that a cover-up of presidential proportions was being made in regards to Roswell, New Mexico. And this incident, this one moment in time, has continued to be a topic of heated controversy and debate more than 60 years later.


Now…each year there are more and more speakers who come to the UFO Festival in Roswell (June 30th – July 3rd), and with each year, these speakers bring new facts to light regarding the “truth.” There was a UFO crash, they say, and there were small ‘creatures’ that needed to be covered-up and transported out of Roswell as fast as possible.


This weekend the UFO Festival is busy. Thousands have come to town in order to get in on an alien costume festival, an alien chase that brings in thousands of attendees, as well as a full schedule of speakers offering ‘new data’ being released about an incident that is not leaving imaginations anytime soon.


All year in the town of Roswell hotels have been built for the many that have been booking since last year to make sure they do not miss any “new” news. New restaurants, new vendors, a slew of entertainment acts – people have flocked this weekend to Roswell, enthusiasts as well as skeptics, in order to join in on the celebration of one of the most well-known incidents in the history of the world.


Among the authors and speakers are Don Burleson, who will be discussing “Alien DNA: Some Reasonable Conjectures;” Yvonne Smith, speaking about UFO Abduction Experiences; as well as an entire panel who will each address their own personal abduction experiences and the information/data they have attained over time.


Larry Holcombe will talk about, “The Presidents and UFOs,” offering up new evidence that supports Roswell as being an Extraterrestrial Event that the inner core of Washington, D.C. knew about back in the 1940’s. Ken Johnston will speak about the Moon Apollo Archives, and Stanton Friedman will “Debunk the UFO Debunkers.”


Every detail of the Roswell cover-up will be discussed, and the list of fun activities for children and adults is never-ending. Foods, crafts, collectibles, UFO books and items – the list goes on forever as to what very cool gifts and information can be attained in Roswell, NM over the weekend. So while you’re considering where the best place would be to watch an amazing fireworks show, take into consideration the “one” place on the planet where you can see the lights while chasing those hard-to-get aliens from outer space.

July 1947, Roswell, New Mexico, UFO Festival, Don Burleson, Larry Holcombe, Stanton Friedman, cover-up, the place to be

Source:  Baret News

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